Why online games should not be banned?

Introduction · The argument in support of. By working as a team, children learn to help each other when they need it.

Why online games should not be banned?

Introduction · The argument in support of. By working as a team, children learn to help each other when they need it. Winning a video game can be a very difficult task that requires a lot of concentration, practice and skill. To beat the video game, you have to practice to be successful, which, like teamwork, is another lesson that will be useful for mental life.

When a child wins a video game, they will feel that they have achieved their goal. Feeling good about yourself will increase your self-esteem. As you can see, there's not a single piece of evidence that video games cause violence. In addition, video games have many benefits that people often overlook due to moral panic.

Therefore, video games cannot be banned because they offer countless benefits and video games do not pose the threat that many people would think. This means that children who play violent video games are already aggressive people before playing them, and aggressiveness does not mean violence. When you are very angry and feel like inflicting pain on another human being, or even killing others, it has been considered appropriate to transfer that anger to violent video games. Aggression researchers concluded that “playing violent video games is a causal risk factor for aggressive behavior” (Anderson).

What Whitney says is that people who believe that video games make people more violent see only both concepts. In addition to helping young people improve their ingenuity and problem-solving skills, violent video games play an important role in helping young people, even some older members of society, learn to persevere. Any video game can cause frustration and aggravate the user, but this does not mean that the user will bring their frustration out of society. Third, if video games are banned, the economy will fall because forty percent of American adults play video games regularly.

Video games can offer a safe outlet for their negative feelings without causing harm in the real world to those who struggle with anger or violent impulses. In addition, doctors have shown that, although violent games are useful, since they release anger, they also help the patient reduce pain. Violent video games are those that represent violence as the best or the only way to resolve a conflict, and they are games that don't exist in real life. Another important point that violent video games support is that they help maintain the country's economy.

Whitney says that “some studies have revealed a connection between children who play violent video games and violent behavior. It may have been said that violent video games have a small relationship with aggression and this does not show that aggression takes the form of crime or violence. Similarly, like anything else that can cause addiction, violent video games by causing a young person to become addicted can be detrimental to their quest for learning.

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